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A recap of the 2022-2023 school year at TCIS through social media

Grade 5 Graduation

[June 7, 2023]

Congratulations to our Class of 2030 on their transition from Middle School into High School.

In a special ceremony this past Friday evening, TCIS faculty and parents joined together to celebrate this milestone for students. Every year is important, and every success should bear a certain amount of pride and celebration; these milestone moments are an opportunity to affirm young people in the long arduous journey that they are on.

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Grade 8 Graduation [June 6, 2023]
Congratulations to our Class of 2027 on their transition from Middle School into...  Read more

Elementary SEW [June 5, 2023]
Elementary is starting this last week of school with SEW - Spiritual Emphasis Week... Read more

ES Dragon Arts Festival [June 2, 2023]
Our elementary school community is finishing their year with many fun activities...  Read more


Gr. 3 Invention Center Trip [May 30, 2023]

As a finishing element for the Grade 3 STEAM Unit on Inventions, this class of young... Read more

Grade 3 Inventions Unit [May 29, 2023]
The Inventions unit in Grade 3 is one of the first formal, in-depth, and comprehensive...  Read more

62nd Graduation Ceremony [May 25, 2023]

It is official – the TCIS Senior Class of 2023 is now the Alumni Class of 2023! A beautiful... Read more

TCIS %22Major Awards%22 recipients standing on stage with certificates.

"Major Awards" Ceremony [May 24, 2023]
Congratulations to all our Grades 9-12 Major Awards Winners for the 2022-2023...  Read more

KULSAI Yearbook 2023 [May 23, 2023]
Yesterday afternoon was a big day for many end-of-the-year events and traditions...  Read more

Two high school boys present their magnetic machine project to younger students

Grade 10 STEM+Arts IDU [May 18, 2023]
Earlier this morning, we chanced upon a fascinating opportunity to witness...  Read more

Fireworks in the sky

TCIS International Festival [May 15, 2023]
Well – what can we say about I-fest 2023? It was a long day full of fun, music, games...  Read more

A group of men and women posing for a photo on golf green for the annual TCIS Penland Golf Classic

2023 Penland Golf Classic [May 5, 2023]
We would like to offer some hearty congratulations and thanks to those who participated...  Read more

TCIS elementary girl stands side-by-side with her group's mannequin display illustrating info on allergies

PYP Exhibition [May 3, 2023]
Last week, Grade 5 Students finalized and presented their PYP projects at the...  Read more

Spring Sports Update [May 2, 2023]
TCIS has a couple of exciting sports updates to share for both KAIAC and APAC events...  Read more


TCIS middle school student picking up trashed holding a broken umbrella over his head

ES-MS Service Activity [April 27, 2023]
K-8 students recently engaged in an afternoon of trash clean up in our community...  Read more

TCIS community members discuss a work of art in the senior art exhibit

Senior Art Exhibition 2023 [April 26, 2023]
As we approach the final month of the  school year, we are seeing a number of traditions...  Read more

TCIS student(s) on stage during the Spring Play

Spring Play: The Bookstore [April 25, 2023]
If you didn't have a chance to see it last night, be sure to drop by tonight and catch...  Read more

Two middle school girls stand on the beach, looking out at the horizon

Middle School Retreat [April 21, 2023]
Last weekend, TCIS Middle School Students and Faculty traveled to the coast for the...  Read more

High school players warm up before the first games at the 2023 APAC Badminton Tournament

APAC Badminton @ TCIS [April 20, 2023]
The 2023 APAC Badminton Tournament is underway at TCIS! We've welcomed...  Read more

TCIS Grade 7 students posing with their teachers as they test their CO2 Racing Car designs in class

Grade 7 Rocket Cars Project [April 19, 2023]
Grade 7 students recently completed an interdisciplinary unit between...  Read more

High school boys playing violin in an orchestra on stage

KAIAC Large Ensembles [April 18, 2023]
Congratulations to the TCIS HS Full Orchestra for receiving highest marks at the KAIAC...  Read more

ES Ecology Field Trip [April 14, 2023]
This week, our Grades 1 and 4 homerooms shared a field trip to the National Institute...  Read more

LASA Service: Manila [April 12, 2023]
TCIS teams recently sent Spring Break service teams to Boracay, Philippines to...  Read more

LASA Service: Chiang Mai [April 11, 2023]
TCIS teams recently sent Spring Break service teams to Boracay, Philippines to...  Read more

TCIS students hiking down a hilly path toward the Boracay beaches in the distance on LASA Service Trip

LASA Service: Boracay [April 10, 2023]
TCIS teams recently sent Spring Break service teams to Boracay, Philippines to...  Read more

March College Fair [April 6, 2023]
The TCIS College and Careers Counseling Office recently arranged for an international...  Read more

Two high school boys read to a class of elementary students during the TCIS Library Week

Spring Library Week [April 4, 2023]
Elementary and Secondary libraries hosted fun events last week to create excitement...  Read more


A middle school girl receives an award from the TCIS Secondary Principal on stage

Students of Distinction - Q3 [Mar. 30, 2023]
Just before our recent Spring Break holiday, the TCIS Secondary School recognized...  Read more

A group of students from Ranum Efterskole, Denmark in a VR ride during their visit at TCIS

Hosting Ranum Efterskole [Mar. 29, 2023]
TCIS hosted 20 guests from Denmark these past few days, sharing our school life, as...  Read more

TCIS grade 12 science students presenting at the G4 Project Exhibition

Senior G4 Project Exhibition [Mar. 28, 2023]
The TCIS high school science department hosted the TCIS G4 Project Exhibition just...  Read more

A high school boy stands speaking on stage in front of TEDx letters structure

TEDxTCIS Youth [Mar. 27, 2023]
TCIS student groups have been hosting TEDxYouth events for many years, and they are...  Read more

A high school student stands with the Deputy Principal for an award received on stage

Public Speaking Awards [Mar. 16, 2023]
We are happy to congratulate a talented and well-spoken young man for his recent...  Read more

Boys high school soccer player breaks out in front and speeds down the field toward the goal

First Home Soccer Game [Mar. 15, 2023]
If you follow the TCIS Athletics page on Instagram, then you know that the Spring...  Read more

A man speaks to an auditorium of high school students about his career story

High School Career Day [Mar. 13, 2023]
Our Secondary Counseling Team arranged for a selection of working professionals...  Read more

Screenshot of a video with old photos and subtitle text as a video thumbnail image

A 65-Year Legacy [Mar. 10, 2023]
For 65 continuous years, TCIS has delivered high-quality education here in Daejeon...  Read more

A high school boy stands in the spotlight playing a clarinet to piano accompaniment at the 2023 TCIS Gala Evening

2023 TCIS Gala Evening [Mar. 8, 2023]
TCIS recently hosted an old-time traditional event – the "TCIS Gala Evening"...  Read more

Multi-Cultural TCIS [Mar. 6, 2023]
Beginning with International Mother Tongue Day, TCIS held a substantial celebration...  Read more

High school girl walks into auditorium with a candle at the TCIS National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

National Honor Society [Mar. 1, 2023]
In a special candle-lit induction ceremony, TCIS faculty and current NHS members...  Read more


A teacher heats a substance as part of a demonstration for her elementary class during science

Gr.3 Science – 'Matter' [Feb. 27, 2023]
The TCIS Grade 3 class is currently learning in their unit titled "How the World Works."   Read more

Empty stage with awards on a table and a projected graphic for the Sports Night Awards

Winter Sports Awards Night [Feb. 24, 2023]
TCIS hosted the annual Fall Sports Night as a celebratory closing to the recent...   Read more

High school band students practicing on stage for the 2023 APAC Band Festival at TCIS

APAC Band Festival at TCIS [Feb. 20, 2023]
This three-day event is such an energizing one as 100 talented student musicians...   Read more

Students walking in a processional behind the TCIS banner at the APAC Band Festival event

Welcome, APAC Band Teams [Feb. 16, 2023]
A big TCIS, "Welcome" to schools visiting our Techno Valley campus for the 2023...   Read more

Overhead photo of high school students milling in groups at a school social event with pink lighting

Valentines Day at TCIS [Feb. 15, 2023]
Yesterday was Valentines Day! It was a pleasant day on campus, with many sweet...    Read more

TCIS girls and boys basketball teams take a large group selfie as they wait to be introduced at international tournament

APAC Basketball in Vietnam [Feb. 9, 2023]
As you may know, TCIS is a member of the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC.)   Read more

A young asian woman faces the camera against a black background, as if talking in an interview

LASA Service Trips Approved [Feb. 6, 2023]
As things have continued to open up and settle down in Asia, more of our travel...   Read more

A group of eight elementary boys pose as a group holding up colorful slips of paper

ES 100th Day Celebration [Feb. 3, 2023]
TCIS elementary school students and faculty recently celebrated the 100th day of...   Read more

A female teacher presents to parents at a powerpoint screen at the TCIS Principal's Coffee

Secondary Principal's Coffee [Feb. 1, 2023]
Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Gail Smith, Secondary School Principal, welcomed parents...    Read more


A teacher and students pose for a fun photo at the Academic Quiz Team competition

Academic Quiz Team [Jan. 30, 2023]
Congratulations to the TCIS Academic Quiz Team [AQT] for their performance at...    Read more

Students and administrators posing for a photo on stage as students are recognized for achievements in a math competition

Canada Jay Math Awards [Jan. 26, 2023]
Congratulations to a bright group of middle school students for their performance in the...    Read more

Students of Distinction Awards [Jan. 26, 2023]
As a school that provides holistic education, we aim to encourage and reward character hand-in...    Read more

A Korean Lunar New Year card with a greeting and two traditionally-dressed figures welcoming the rising sun

Happy Lunar New Year [Jan. 20, 2023]
To all of our families and friends, both near and far, we wish you a very blessed new year.    Read more

High school boy demonstrates the oil diffuser he made with 3d printing, circuits, and motors

Personal Project Exhibition   [Jan. 18, 2023]
Yesterday morning, TCIS students presented their MYP Personal Projects at our annual exhibition...    Read more

Three high school girls from TCIS pose between rounds at the forensics tournament

Secondary Forensics Team   [Jan. 17, 2023]
The TCIS Dragons Forensics Team traveled to Seoul this past weekend to compete with other KAIAC...    Read more

A high school girl at TCIS painting a face on her abstract sculpture in art class

First Week - Semester Two  [Jan. 13, 2023]
Things have been quite busy, rejoining some things, beginning others, and getting all of our...    Read more

One man stands straight as while another man reads his honor from an award plaque

BOT Chair Honored by DMOE   [Jan. 12, 2023]
We are proud and very happy to congratulate TCIS BOT Chairman, Mr. Young Kil Chu for honors given... Read more


Two TCIS elementary girls wearing gloves and aprons pass large coal bricks to each other during a service trip

ES Winter Service Trip   [Dec. 16, 2022]
Yesterday, the TCIS elementary community delivered coal heating fuel to Daejeon families in need.    Read more

A close up of a Christmas tree and a Christmas gift signboard in Korean, offering details for how to give to children in need

Angel Tree Giving   [Dec. 13, 2022]
It's that time of year again, to share gifts and the love of Christ with children here in Daejeon.    Read more

Elementary students stand on stage singing at the TCIS Elementary Christmas Concert

Elementary Winter Arts Festival  [Dec. 9, 2022]
Last night we were blessed with one of the sweetest and most enjoyable evenings of the year...    Read more

High school boy singing a solo in front of the choir on stage

Winter Choirs Concert  [Dec. 7, 2022]
The TCIS Middle and High School Choirs recently hosted an evening of performances at the Winter...  Read more

First Snowfall of the Year  [Dec. 6, 2022]
It is both a small thing and a huge thing – the first snowfall of the season! It was definitely worth getting ...  Read more

Two elementary boys sell student-made Christmas cards at the TCIS Christmas Bazaar

Annual Christmas Bazaar  [Dec. 5, 2022]
This past Saturday, TCIS held our annual Christmas Bazaar. This is a relatively large event, and...  Read more

TCIS secondary orchestra sits on stage ready to perform

HS/MS Instrumental Concert  [Dec. 2, 2022]
It was a fantastic start to the Holiday Season for arts, with the Secondary Instrumental Concert on...  Read more

The TCIS reception desk beautifully decorated with Christmas greenery and holiday figures

Decorating for the Holidays  [Dec. 1, 2022]
Here we are on the first day of December and decorations are going up in the school common areas...  Read more


TCIS Choir students posing for a photo on the streets of Hanoi during the APAC Choir 2022 event

APAC Choir to Hanoi  [Nov. 28, 2022]
TCIS Choir and Orchestra students recently traveled as part of the APAC program for international...  Read more

An illustrated graphic of fall leaves and gourds, the message %22Happy Thanksgiving%22, and the TCIS Seal logo

Happy Thanksgiving  [Nov. 24, 2022]
We wish all of our friends and families a very Happy Thanksgiving...  Read more

Two Grade 12 girls working on their individual paintings in the TCIS Senior Art Studio

High School Art: Studio Work  [Nov. 21, 2022]
Our grade 12 art students are working on adding and refining substantial portfolio pieces as we ...  Read more

The TCIS Adams Dorm students and faculty have a meal out at a Korean barbecue restaurant during Dorm Family Night

Dorm Family Night  [Nov. 17, 2022]
Dorm family nights are times when dorm students are released from all responsibilities and go out...  Read more

TCIS student athletes on stage while one student shares about his season at the Fall Sports Awards Night

Fall Sports Awards Night  [Nov. 15, 2022]
TCIS hosted the annual Fall Sports Night as a celebratory closing to the recent conference season.  Read more

Dorm students bow their heads in prayer at the TCIS Dorm Spiritual Retreat

Dorm Spiritual Retreat  [Nov. 14, 2022]
The TCIS Boarding Care Program recently held the annual "Dorm Spiritual Retreat" weekend!  Read more

A high school boy and girl stand talking on stage during a theater performance

Fall Play  [Nov. 11, 2022]
Tonight begins the public presentation of the TCIS Fall Play, titled "Around the World in 8 Plays".  Read more

Two elementary boys compete in a parent-sponsored sack race at Fall Festival

Elementary Fall Festival  [Nov. 9, 2022]
TCIS recently celebrated our annual Fall Festival in elementary school. This mid-autumn event...  Read more

Grade 3 - Design Tech Project  [Nov. 7, 2022]
Grade 3 students have been working on a special Design Technology project. Applying lessons...  Read more

Grade 8 - African Cooking  [Nov. 4, 2022]
As part of a comprehensive unit on African studies, students cooked dishes common to areas...  Read more

Boarding Care: Tea Tradition  [Nov. 2, 2022]
The TCIS Boarding Care Program has many traditions that have been created over nearly 65 years...  Read more


A black ribbon graphic and a message of condolences for the recent loss of life in Itaewon, Seoul

With Heavy Hearts - Itaewon  [Oct. 31, 2022]
It is with heavy hearts that we join our thoughts and prayers with those of the nation of Korea.  Read more

A TCIS girl wearing a VR headset and controls experiences an interactive display at the Daejeon Museum of Art

Grade 11 Art Trip  [Oct. 28, 2022]
Grade 11 art students took a trip to the Daejeon Museum of Art for the Daejeon Art and Science...  Read more

Middle school students stand in a group on a gymnasium floor in front of a crowd of students in the bleachers

Fall Sports Pep Rally  [Oct. 27, 2022]
TCIS recently sent student representatives to meet with our friends at the Ansan Global Youth Center...  Read more

An elementary aged boy stretches out his stride as he races to the ball during a soccer game

Elementary Soccer Match  [Oct. 26, 2022]
This past weekend, the TCIS BOOST Soccer Club hosted a local soccer club, FC Blessing, for a friendly...  Read more

Students and teachers pose outdoors in front of a monument celebrating global culture

Ansan Global Youth Center  [Oct. 24, 2022]
TCIS recently sent student representatives to meet with our friends at the Ansan Global Youth Center...  Read more

Middle school students in lines play a game passing a super large inflatable ball down the line the fastest

MS "Starry, Starry Night"  [Oct. 21, 2022]
TCIS middle school students had a fantastic night of fun at the recent "Starry, Starry Night!"  Read more

A high school boy poses with the Head of School as he simultaneously receives a certificate and shakes his hand

MYP Certificate Ceremony  [Oct. 18, 2022]
The TCIS high school recently recognized an important milestone in the educational journey of...  Read more

TCIS students sitting in the crowd on risers as they listen to a presentation on cultural ties to climate issues

UCLG World Congress Event  [Oct. 17, 2022]
We reported a few weeks ago about how TCIS students were invited to take part in the UCLG World...  Read more

Two TCIS boys volleyball players go up in unison as they  successfully block the ball coming over the net

Fall Sports Update  [Oct. 15, 2022]
As we head into weekend sports matches, happening all around Korea, we are looking at the...  Read more

A woman and child read outside in the dark around a flashlight during the TCIS Reading Under the Stars event

"Reading Under the Stars"  [Oct. 7, 2022]
Yesterday was a glorious fall day on the TCIS campus, and it was a beautiful evening on which to...  Read more

Middle school students posing for a photo with the treats they made for a school bake sale fundraiser

MS "House" Service Days  [Oct. 6, 2022]
The Middle School House groups recently engaged in service projects to benefit UNICEF and...  Read more

Image of a woman placed onto a screen from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences website.

Alumni News  [Oct. 4, 2022]
TCIS Alumna, Dr. Eunji Paige Chung-Yoo, will be serving as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University ...  Read more


An illustration of a black ribbon, flowers, and a message expressing condolences about a recent fire that happened locally.

Our Condolences  [Sept. 29, 2022]
On behalf of everyone at TCIS, we offer our sincerest, heartfelt condolences to the families and...  Read more

A high school girl sits staring into the fire late at night at the senior backyard campout

Senior Backyard Campout  [Sept. 28, 2022]
This past weekend, much of the Senior class gathered together at TCIS to camp on the upper...  Read more

A high school girl poses with the principal after receiving a certificate of award for Technology Design

Student Awards – September  [Sept. 26, 2022]
Recently, in our weekly Assembly, TCIS recognized four students for honors received in academic...  Read more

High school boys running on a sidewalk

Home X-Country Meet  [Sept. 23, 2022]
This past Wednesday afternoon, TCIS hosted a KAIAC Conference Cross-country Running Meet...   Read more

A high school girl stands looking at a framed minimalist painting on a wall, on display at Seoul Museum of Art (Sept. 2022)

Senior Art Field Trip  [Sept. 22, 2022]
TCIS Grade 12 Students recently took a trip to the Seoul Museum of Art to view the exhibit titled...   Read more

PTA Parent Meet-up  [Sept. 20, 2022]
The parent representatives for our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) recently hosted a...   Read more

Middle school students stand leaning over a desk while they all read instructions from a paper in the middle

Secondary SEW - Day Three  [Sept. 15, 2022]
As we get ready to enter the weekend, we think it is safe to say that our Secondary School is ready...  Read more

Boy outdoors sliding on a slippery tarp toward bowling pins at field day event

Secondary SEW - Field Day  [Sept. 14, 2022]
It has been a really fun and meaningful three days, and it has passed so quickly! What a great...  Read more

A powerpoint image reading %22SEW 2022 - Go Shine Your Light%22 is on the projector screen above an empty stage

Secondary SEW - Day One  [Sept. 13, 2022]
SEW (Spiritual Emphasis Week) is a three-day event whereby students and staff take time...  Read more

Illustration of leaves and traditional Korean foods enjoyed at Chuseok, with Korean and English wishes for a happy Chuseok

Happy Chuseok From TCIS  [Sept. 9, 2022]
From all of us at TCIS, we wish all of our students, parents, friends, and well-wishers a very Happy...  Read more

A boy sits at a table making Korean songpyeon by a window

Elementary Chuseok Celebration  [Sept. 8, 2022]
Today in our elementary school, we celebrated the upcoming Korean Chuseok holiday.   Read more

A group of girls add fruit and yogurt to a blender in the school's Tech Kitchen

Elementary BOOST Activities  [Sept. 7, 2022]
As you may know, TCIS prides itself on delivering a holistic experience with educational best...  Read more

Three high school girls pose for a photo at the %22TCIS Athletics Council%22 club presentation table for the clubs fair

High School Clubs Fair  [Sept. 2, 2022]
The TCIS academic programs represent solid learning and are the foundation of education for...  Read more

Two middle school boys in lab coats observe the temperatures of liquids in a beaker on a hot plate in the MS Science Lab

Grade 6 Science  [Sept. 1, 2022]
These grade 6 students are performing a lab on boiling points. As elementary students, they have...  Read more


A promotional bag for the 2022 Daejeon UCLG World Congress sits on a table in a room of students

TCIS At the UCLG 2022  [Aug. 29, 2022]
TCIS students are an active part of the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) World Congress...   Read more

A female elementary teacher stands sharing classroom information with parents and students sitting in the desks

Meet the Teacher Night  [Aug. 26, 2022]
Last night, TCIS parents and teachers met on our campus and classrooms for the annual "Meet the...  Read more

A high school girl in a dormitory common area studies by the window overlooking the soccer field

TCIS Boarding Care Start   [Aug. 25, 2022]
As the academic and activities programs are now running at full speed for the 2022-2023 school year...  Read more

Photo of a young asian man wearing school robes stands outside of a historic stone building pointing toward something

Alumni News: Sea-Yun Joung  [Aug. 22, 2022]
Our fondest congratulations go out to Sea-Yun Pius Joung (Class of 2018) on his recent...   Read more

TCIS cross-country runners running warm up laps around the TCIS soccer field at the first tryout meeting of the season

Fall Sports Tryouts  [Aug. 18, 2022]
Yesterday afternoon, dozens of high school students met officially with the Athletic Director and...  Read more

TCIS elementary students play and explore in a grassy area on the TCIS playground

After-lunch Recess   [Aug. 16, 2022]
Not everyone understands, but structured play, mixed with free play, is one of the best methods...  Read more

Two elementary students enter the school building under umbrellas on the first day of school while admin stands greeting

First Day of School  [Aug. 11, 2022]
And just like that, we are off and running! The 2022-2023 school year has begun!   Read more

Students and parents look at a TCIS school shirt during registration

Fall Registration Day  [Aug. 10, 2022]
On behalf of all the faculty, administration, support staff, offices, and caretakers here at TCIS...  Read more





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