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Students of Distinction & Growth - Q2

[December 7, 2023]

We would like to congratulate the recipients of the Students of Distinction and Growth Awards (Q1), given to students recognized for exceptional work, community contributions, and demonstration of growth mindset

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Two elementary girls dressed in pajamas read by a window in the TCIS library

Cozy Up With a Book Day  [Dec. 6, 2023]
There is nothing like cozying up with a good book! Our youngest learners recently joined...  Read more

Annual Christmas Bazaar  [Dec. 5, 2023]
On Saturday, TCIS hosted our Annual Christmas Bazaar, a significant gathering where...  Read more

Secondary Holiday Concert [Dec. 1, 2023]
Enchanting melodies of the season filled the air at our recent Winter Holiday Concert...  Read more


Elementary Fall Festival  [Nov. 28, 2023]
For the recent Thanksgiving holiday, TCIS celebrated our annual Fall Festival...  Read more

Visiting Artist: Minhwa  [Nov. 23, 2023]
Our senior art classes had the opportunity to welcome Ms. Koung Hee Jun, a very...  Read more

APAC Orchestra and Choir [Nov. 21, 2023]
TCIS Choir and Orchestra students recently embarked on a remarkable journey...  Read more

Dorm Spiritual Retreat  [Nov. 17, 2023]
The High School at TCIS recently celebrated a significant milestone in the academic...  Read more

MYP Certificate Ceremony  [Nov. 15, 2023]
The High School at TCIS recently celebrated a significant milestone in the academic...  Read more

Gr. 9&10 Leadership Retreat  [Nov. 13, 2023]
Last week, our Grades 9-10 students embarked on a transformative Leadership Retreat at...  Read more

Local Artist Visit: Slab Art  [Nov. 10, 2023]
We were honored to host the talented Ms. Baek Seon Young, a local ceramics artist...  Read more

Senior Chemistry Capstone  [Nov. 8, 2023]
Our Grade 12 science students are immersed in original research at TCIS. Each student...  Read more

Teacher and student on stage recognizing her award for national flute competition achievement

Special Assembly Awards  [Nov. 6, 2023]
Our school recently recognized three students for exceptional awards earned outside of...  Read more


"Heartris" Video Filming  [Oct. 30, 2023]
We are happy to share with our community, this latest Kpop video, filmed at TCIS...  Read more

TCIS middle school students wearing soccer uniforms pose together for a photo

MS Soccer Jamboree  [Oct. 30, 2023]
We're thrilled to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our TCIS Middle...  Read more

Student Distinction Awards  [Oct. 27, 2023]
We would like to congratulate the recipients of the Students of Distinction and Growth...  Read more

APAC Tennis Results  [Oct. 26, 2023]
What an incredible weekend it was for TCIS Athletics! Our students showcased...  Read more

Grade 5 Experiment Design  [Oct. 25, 2023]
The Grade 5 students at TCIS have been on an incredible scientific journey, and...  Read more

University Fair at TCIS  [Oct. 24, 2023]
Yesterday's University Fair was an incredible opportunity for our high school and...  Read more

TCIS students entering the auditorium for the World Science Culture Forum

TCIS@ World Science Forum  [Oct. 23, 2023]
On Friday, TCIS middle and high school students attended the 8th World Science Forum...  Read more

Close up on the back of a boy's t-shirt for the TCIS Houses program

MS October House Event  [Oct. 19, 2023]
This morning on campus, our TCIS Middle School had loads of fun competing in Dragon...  Read more

Two high school boys wearing running jerseys posing for a photo together outdoors

Fall APAC Sports Trips  [Oct. 18, 2023]
TCIS Dragon athletes are setting out on an international adventure across Asia...  Read more

TCIS Foundation Assembly  [Oct. 10, 2023]
Last week, after recognizing Korea's National Foundation Day, a celebration of the...  Read more

Reading Under the Stars  [Oct. 6, 2023]
Yesterday, as the sun gracefully set over the TCIS campus, we experienced an...  Read more

TCIS elementary students wearing Korean traditional hanboks

ES Chuseok Celebration  [Oct.. 4, 2023]
Just before the recent school break, Elementary students at TCIS celebrated the Korean...  Read more


SEW Field Day  [Sept. 20, 2023]
Day Two of SEW was every bit as meaningful and even more exciting! Yesterday was the...  Read more

High school students sing and play instruments as they lead praise music on stage

SEW Day One - Kickoff  [Sept. 18, 2023]
Today marks the first day of Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) in our Secondary School...   Read more

Merit Scholarship Awards  [Sept. 14, 2023]
This week, seven students were awarded the "TCIS Foundation Merit Scholarship Award...   Read more

Elementary students playing soccer on a green field

TCIS BOOST Soccer Match  [Sept. 11, 2023]
On Saturday morning, our TCIS Elementary Soccer Team played against the S Football...   Read more

Fall Spirit Week & Pep Rally  [Sept. 7, 2023]
In recognition of our first games/first games on campus, the TCIS Student Council...   Read more

TCIS Community Cookout  [Sept. 5, 2023]
At the end of last week, during the after-lunch clubs block, TCIS student leaders...   Read more

HS girl stands looking at a giant drawing of stairs maze in the Daejeon Art Museum

Grade 11 Art & Design Trip  [Sept. 1, 2023]
Yesterday afternoon, TCIS Grade 11 Visual Arts students and Design Tech students...   Read more


A girl holds a poster promoting 3D Printing Club at the TCIS HS Clubs Fair

High School Clubs Fair  [Aug. 28, 2023]
At the end of last week, during the after-lunch clubs block, TCIS student leaders...   Read more

Teacher presents about herself and the class at TCIS' Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teachers Night  [Aug. 25, 2023]
Last evening, TCIS hosted our annual "Meet the Teacher Night" on our Techno Valley...   Read more

Younger middle school robotics group members watch a demonstration by the older middle school students

Middle School Robotics  [Aug. 23, 2023]
MS robotics is now up and running for the semester. The team has some new...   Read more

Dorm girls and Dorm mom smile for a photo at the snacks table

First Week Boarding Care  [Aug. 21, 2023]
As students settle into academic routines, our Boarding Care students are also...   Read more

Elementary Art  [Aug. 18, 2023]
"The arts have the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like...   Read more

TCIS professional community photo for the 2023-2024 school year

TCIS Professional Community  [Aug. 14, 2023]
We are happy to introduce the TCIS professional community for 2023-2024. Read more

Elementary students are welcomed by their teacher as they enter the classroom on the first day of school

First Day of School  [Aug. 9, 2023]
On this first day of school for the 2023-2024 school year, we would like to say "Welcome" to all our...   Read more





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