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Annual TCIS Christmas Bazaar

Dragon Drop Stories  December 5, 2023

On Saturday, TCIS hosted our annual Christmas Bazaar, a significant gathering where we joyfully opened our doors to the greater Daejeon (and surrounding) community.

The Christmas Bazaar is a delightful holiday carnival of games, treats, music, crafts, and fellowship. While much of the excitement is tailored for our young ones, the festive energy sweeps through everyone as cherished friends come together to bask in the holiday spirit.

Similar to our Spring International Festival, the Christmas Bazaar is a collaborative effort led by our students, faculty, and parents. All proceeds from this event go to charities and student activity clubs, bringing to the event, that special holiday aspect of giving.

A round of applause and heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated event organizers! Kudos to the students and faculty who curated booths, treats, and games. A special shout-out to our PTA parents for spearheading the flea market and snacks, along with all of their other invaluable contributions.

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by and shared an enjoyable afternoon with us at TCIS! 🎄🌟