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Dorm Spiritual Retreat

Dragon Drop Stories  November 17, 2023

The TCIS Boarding Care Program recently hosted its annual "Dorm Spiritual Retreat" weekend!

The Dorm Spiritual Retreat, affectionately known as the DSR, is an optional event organized by the Boarding Care faculty and supported by various academic faculty. It serves as a distinctive opportunity for our boarding students to deepen their understanding and growth in Christian faith.

Under the theme "FRUIT BEARERS," this year's retreat explored the essence of living a life that yields positive and honorable actions. The weekend comprised insightful sessions where community members, including faculty and students, shared their personal faith experiences and perspectives on matters of faith. Moments of prayer, musical worship, and dedicated periods for quiet introspection and reflection were also integral to the program.

In addition to the spiritual aspect, students relished plenty of fun, socializing, and delicious food! (Not to forget the campfires—a cherished tradition at TCIS that adds to the unique experience ^^)

The weekend left everyone involved feeling refreshed and inspired to contemplate matters of personal significance. It truly was a fantastic experience!