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Elementary Badminton Exhibition Event

Dragon Drop Stories  February 21, 2024

This past weekend, our TCIS Elementary Badminton BOOST team soared in a friendly competition event at Blue Bird Sports, a local sports club! With three doubles teams in action, our students showcased their skills, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit – and we are very proud of them!

A big thanks to Blue Bird Sports for hosting us and an opportunity to test their mettle against different competition levels!

Competitive sports can play a vital role in children's development, fostering essential skills and values that extend far beyond the court. From teamwork and resilience to discipline and goal-setting, each match offers valuable lessons for our students. Whether they win or face setbacks, every experience contributes to their journey of self-discovery and personal excellence.

So let's continue to support and encourage all the young athletes in our Elementary Sports Program as they grow in skill and character!

[*Thank you, Coach Deuth, for the photos!]