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Elementary Coal Delivery Service

Dragon Drop Stories  December 15, 2023

Early yesterday, the TCIS elementary community came together to make a meaningful impact in our city of Daejeon by delivering heating fuel to families in need.

A dedicated group comprised of TCIS grade 3-5 students, parents, and faculty ventured out to personally distribute coal to families in Daejeon facing challenges in accessing this essential heating resource.

This initiative, led by our students, engaged all segments of the Elementary community. Students from Grades K-5 raised funds and collected donations. Our older students, accompanied by their parents, took on the responsibility of physically delivering the coal to families in need.

A truck brought the purchased coal to the street, and our teams formed chains to pass it through the yards and alleys, stacking it at the properties. This collaborative effort not only made the process efficient but also allowed everyone to actively participate.

This is another long-standing tradition in our school, and while the coal itself wasn't overly heavy, and the delivery distance wasn't extensive, the impact of these actions taken by our students was tremendous. Engaging in hands-on, compassionate work and connecting with real people are integral aspects of nurturing young leaders committed to purposeful change.

Although TCIS has a longstanding tradition of donating and delivering winter coal in our Secondary School, this marked the inaugural involvement of our elementary students. The success of this endeavor, both in serving others and imparting lessons of compassion, fills us with pride.

To our incredible students, each of you played a crucial role, and we eagerly anticipate standing beside you for this meaningful cause again next year!

A heartfelt thank you extends to all parents who participated, whether by working, supervising, or donating. Your presence is a valuable investment in our children, and we deeply appreciate your kind partnership!

TCIS Grades 3-5 Coal Delivery Service Trip Group Photo