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Elementary SEW

Dragon Drop Stories  May 8, 2024

What an incredible journey we had during Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) in the TCIS elementary school! 

Last week, we embarked on a two-day adventure where we paused our regular studies to delve deep into matters of faith and community. And oh, what a memorable experience it was!

From art activities to the beautiful sounds of music together, from the sports field to the splashing of water games, every moment was filled with joy, learning, and connection. 

Perhaps the most touching aspect of SEW was the heartfelt sharing among our students and staff. In an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, we opened our hearts, shared our stories, and strengthened our bonds as a community.

SEW reminds us that education is not just about academic growth, but also about nurturing the spirit and fostering a sense of belonging. It was a time of reflection, renewal, and connection with ideas that truly matter.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to making SEW a resounding success - our dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students, and supportive parents. Your participation and enthusiasm made this event truly special. 

Let's carry the spirit of SEW forward these last weeks of school, as we continue to learn, love, and lead together!