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Elementary Winter Arts Festival

Dragon Drop Stories  December 12, 2023

A Night of Enchantment at the Elementary Winter Arts Festival!

On Friday night, our hearts were warmed with the joy of the season and a celebration of creativity at the Elementary Winter Arts Festival – truly one of the most precious and impressive evenings of the year!

Parents, students, and faculty gathered in the Performing Arts Center for performances that filled the air with sweet music. The magic continued as we strolled through the foyer, admiring the beautiful art pieces crafted by our talented young artists this semester.

At this age, the arts are a canvas for new experiences and foundational learning about beauty and creativity. These budding artists are discovering their ability to shape beauty with their hands and voices, a journey we joyfully celebrate as a community.

To all our students, thank you for sharing your art and performances; you captivated us with your talent and bravery on stage! And a heartfelt thank you to the parents who joined us, coming together to celebrate the incredible artistic journey of our children.

Merry Christmas to you all! 🎄🌟