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ES Battle of the Books

Dragon Drop Stories  May 10, 2024

Incredible news from TCIS Elementary! Our amazing young readers participated in the Battle of the Books, and achieved remarkable success, clinching both SECOND and THIRD places amidst fierce competition!

With over 10 teams in the mix, our students showcased their passion for reading and dedication to study.

At the Battle of the Books (hosted by the Korean International Library Association,) students put their literary expertise to the test, answering questions about 10 selected books that were read by all participants.

Events like these can foster a love for reading and build literacy among children. The competitive aspect can motivate children who are otherwise not as likely to read, and it gives students who do read a chance to engage their passion in a new way. These events not only encourage teamwork, critical thinking, and recall but also instill a lifelong appreciation for the power of storytelling.

Congratulations to all our brilliant participants for their hard work and enthusiasm! Let's continue to champion literacy and inspire young minds toward a love of reading!