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Fall APAC Sports

Dragon Drop Stories  October 18, 2023

Exciting News! Our own TCIS Dragon athletes are setting out on an international sports adventure across Asia! They're geared up for some fierce competition in the APAC Fall Sports Activities.

As we speak, Boys and Girls Volleyball players are on their way to UNIS Hanoi, and Boys and Girls Tennis teams are traveling to Brent International, in Manilla. On Sunday, Boys and Girls Cross-Country will head out to race at SASPX–Shanghai.

Our students have been working hard, and they're ready to showcase their skills and sportsmanship on the global stage. Let's cheer them on as they represent TCIS and make us proud!

Stay tuned for highlights from their journey. Also, be sure to follow TCIS Athletics on Instagram at instagram.com/tcisathletics for updates and results.


Two high school boys wearing running jerseys posing for a photo together outdoors
High school boy in the middle of a volleyball spike
Girls running cross-country across an open field
Girls on a volleyball court come together after scoring a point
High school boy in the middle of a tennis serve
Girl in the middle of a volleyball serve
Boys running in a cross-country race on an open field
Boy celebrates after a point on a volleyball court
High school girl getting ready to make a tennis serve
Girl in the middle of a volleyball serve
High school girl hitting a tennis ball
High school boys stand ready to receive the serve on the volleyball court
High school boys in a tight huddle before going out on to the volleyball court