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Personal Project Exhibition

Dragon Drop Stories  January 26, 2024

TCIS students showcased their MYP Personal Projects this week at the annual "Personal Project Exhibition." This event marked a significant milestone, representing nearly two years of planning, research, and creation for our Grade 10 students. The exhibition reflects our commitment to encourage students to explore their passions and engage in focused study.

With a broad range of directions they might take, students challenge themselves to learn and apply their knowledge to unique topics of interest. As TCIS enhances its STEM+Arts (STEAM) programs, we observed a continuously growing number of projects in computer sciences, engineering, and creative digital arts. This aligns with our dedication to preparing students for the future, emphasizing STEM+Arts as a foundational approach.

You might also note, in these photos, that many elementary students were present at the PP Exhibition. Our Grades 4 & 5 were especially interested in these projects as they will all too soon begin work on their own research and creative projects as long as they engage in the PYP Exhibition.

A big thank you to parents, students, and faculty who engaged with the projects, and congratulations to all presenting students for their hard work! The exhibition showcased an abundance of creativity, passion, and high-quality work.