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PYP Exhibition

Dragon Drop Stories  April  24, 2024

Check out the incredible showcase from our TCIS Grade 5 students at the annual PYP Exhibition last week!

From researching to presenting, our young scholars embarked on a months-long journey of discovery and creativity, culminating in impressive displays of their learning.

Project-based learning isn't just about academics—it's about developing critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. Through their projects, our students delved into topics ranging from science to politics, showcasing their dedication and passion for learning.

The evening kicked off with performances from the Grade 5 class, setting the stage for an inspiring showcase of projects. Parents, faculty, and peers were treated to thought-provoking presentations and exhibits, witnessing firsthand the growth and achievements of our students.

We're incredibly proud of our Grade 5 students for their hard work and dedication. They've not only demonstrated academic excellence but also the confidence and readiness to tackle new challenges in Grade 6 and beyond. Way to go, TCIS Grade 5!