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Reading Under the Stars

Dragon Drop Stories  October 6, 2023

Yesterday, as the sun gracefully set over the TCIS campus, we experienced an enchanting evening during our annual "Reading Under the Stars" night.

The sports field came alive with the vibrant presence of our elementary and middle school students and their families. The field was adorned with picnic blankets, flickering lanterns, and snug jackets, creating an inviting atmosphere where families laughed, played, and bonded over shared stories.

Our faculty volunteers stoked a crackling campfire and toasted marshmallows for s'mores. The cocoa and popcorn tables were bustling, offering treats to all. Middle School Drama students entertained with a theatrical telling of "The Gruffalo," along with other interactive stories.

Yet, the true magic unfolded as darkness enveloped the field. With the field lights dimmed, families and friends huddled together, reading under the cloudless night sky. It was a heartwarming experience as always, with countless smiles illuminating the darkness.

To our dedicated parents, thank you for gracing our campus and contributing to the nurturing of a vibrant reading culture in our students. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who played a role in orchestrating this enjoyable evening. 

We believe that nurturing a genuine love for reading is essential learning for children. Literacy flourishes through practice, and this practice becomes second nature when it's a joyful experience. Throughout the year, the TCIS Library and Literacy specialists craft engaging events to cultivate a culture of reading enjoyment and participation among the entire community. Encouraging family involvement in reading further extends this culture, enriching our students' lives beyond the classroom.