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Senior Chemistry Lab Capstone

Dragon Drop Stories  November 8, 2023

High school science is a journey we all remember, but what unfolds in our Grade 12 Science classes is truly remarkable.

Our Grade 12 science students are immersed in original research at TCIS. Each student sets out to answer a genuine question they're passionate about. They design their own processes to test and gather data, drawing on years of high-level science education.

They analyze their questions, make predictions, design testing procedures, conduct initial tests, and then refine their methods. They dive deep into data collection and analysis. The data they compile becomes the foundation for their conclusions.

Once they've crafted their answers, these students submit their research and present their findings to our esteemed science department faculty.

What sets this apart is that our students aren't following scripted lab assignments. They're engaged in authentic, high-level research based on their own comprehension of science. All of this is guided by our dedicated teachers, who hold our students to the highest standards.

It's a testament to what well-prepared high school students can achieve. We're truly amazed by the work of our Grade 12 science students and teachers. Here's to the inspiring journey of discovery ahead!