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Spring Benefit: Cherry Jubilee

Dragon Drop Stories  April 11, 2024

This past weekend, our campus came alive with the vibrant energy of spring during the Cherry Jubilee, and what an unforgettable evening it was! Set against the backdrop of blooming cherry blossoms, friends and families in the TCIS community gathered for an evening of celebration and partnership.

The atmosphere was nothing short of magical as students took the stage to showcase their talents. But the Cherry Jubilee was more than just a night of entertainment—it was an opportunity to make a real difference. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who attended, all proceeds from the event will be channeled towards the continued development of our STEAM initiatives and the enhancement of our tennis court facilities.

With every ticket sold, every applause, and every moment shared, we took one step closer to cultivating an even more dynamic learning environment at TCIS.

To everyone who joined us and contributed to the success of the Cherry Jubilee, thank you! Your support and enthusiasm are what make our community truly special. We appreciate your partnership!