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Super APAC Boys Basketball

Dragon Drop Stories  February 1, 2024

This week, TCIS welcomes more than 150 visitors to our campus from all around the Asia Pacific region as we play host to the 2024 Super APAC Boys Basketball Tournament!

Join us in welcoming to our Daejeon campus: AISG (Guangzhou), Brent (Manila), Concordia (Shanghai), HKIS (Hong Kong), ISB (Beijing), SAS (Pudong), SAS (Puxi), SFS (Seoul), UNIS (Hanoi), WAB (Beijing), and our very own TCIS DRAGONS!

We expect to see some incredible basketball and fantastic sportsmanship on our courts these next few days, and we look forward to the connections made. Good luck everyone, and GO DRAGONS!

You can follow the tournament online through the EVENT WEBSITE.

TCIS • Daejeon

SAS • Pudong

SAS • Puxi

WAB • Beijing

Concordia • Shanghai

ISB • Beijing

SFS • Seoul

UNIS • Hanoi

CA • Kobe

Brent • Manila

AISG • Guangzhou

HKIS • Hong Kong