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Artist Visit: Korean Minhwa Painting

Dragon Drop Stories  November 23, 2023

Our senior art classes had the opportunity to welcome Ms. Koung Hee Jun, a talented artist, who shared her expertise in the beautiful Korean art of Minhwa Painting.  Ms. Koung Hee Jun brought to life this traditional Korean art form, providing students with a unique opportunity to engage in a time-honored craft. The creations that emerged reflected a blend of tradition and personal expression.

Situated in the heart of South Korea, TCIS is privileged to be surrounded by a wealth of local cultural beauty. Our location allows us to integrate these experiences into our educational tapestry, providing students with a front-row seat to the diverse and rich heritage that South Korea has to offer. As we foster an environment that celebrates diversity and embraces our local heritage, TCIS continues to be a gateway for students to connect with the authentic beauty of South Korea.