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APAC International Events (Nov.)

Dragon Drop Stories November 28, 2022

The TCIS APAC Choir 2022 group stands on stage singing during the final performance

TCIS Choir and Orchestra students recently traveled as part of the 2022-2023 program for international APAC activities.

TCIS is a member of the Asia-Pacific Activities Conference, a network of international schools in the Asia-Pacific region that compete and collaborate as they engage in sports and performing arts. Connection and cultural exchange is a big part of the program, and these are significant much-loved student events.

Last week, the TCIS teams traveled to Hanoi and Seoul to collaborate with other student musicians in these three-day events.


As you may see in these photos from UNIS Hanoi (many thanks for these photos,) the event is a large-format program. Students engage in both small and large group practice. The week culminates with a concert in which individual schools present their prepared pieces, and the combined choir presents those pieces they practiced throughout the week.

In addition to the competition/performance, a large part of the APAC program is cultural exchange. There are multiple opportunities for visiting schools to experience the hosting culture through performances, tours, homestay arrangements, and group social times in the local/larger communities. It is a rich part of what is a fantastic program.

We are happy to be a part of APAC, and these experiences are exciting opportunities by which we cultivate internationally-minded learners and leaders. TCIS Boys and Girls Basketball Teams will travel back to Hanoi in January, and we will also travel to Manila for APAC Theatre in February.  While the APAC Theatre group travels abroad, TCIS will host APAC Band students as they visit and perform here at home. Later in the Spring, TCIS will also host visiting schools for a large APAC Soccer Tournament on our Techno Valley campus in Daejeon!

Pictured here: Event photos from UNIS Hanoi and snapshots from the traveling team, as well as the official TCIS Orchestra Group photo.

TCIS choir students pose outside of a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam

TCIS Choir group at APAC Choir 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam

A group of high school students pose for a photo in front on a Korean style hanoke monument

TCIS Orchestra group at APAC Orchestra 2022 in Seoul, Korea




TCIS high school choir students stand practicing in a small group
Three TCIS high school choir girls ppractice in a small group at the APAC Choir 2022 event
A high school girl in a breakfast buffet smiles for the camera while showing a pastry and tea
A group of high school students stand by an Asian style stone arch and sculptures in Hanoi, Vietnam
A stage performance of cultural Vietnamese musical instruments and songs
TCIS high school choir students gather around the risers after a performance
TCIS choir director leading a student practice
TCIS high school choir team at the 2022 APAC Choir event in Hanoi, Vietnam
All APAC 2022 Choir students on stage during the final performance
APAC Choir 2022 students practicing on stage
All APAC 2022 Choir students on stage warming up during practice
TCIS high school students looking at a traditional clothing display in a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam
All APAC Choir 2022 students and teachers
The TCIS APAC Choir Team stands on the curbside at UNIS Hanoi upon their arrival from Korea
All APAC Choir 2022 students on stage practicing for the final performance
The TCIS Choir director leads the students in warm up on stage at APAC Choir 2022
A closer shot of choir girls on risers during the APAC Choir 2022 final performance
Three TCIS students on a plane going to a choir event in Hanoi, Vietnam
TCIS high school students take a group shot on a random street in Hanoi, Vietnam during APAC Choir trip