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BOT Chairman Receives Hanbat Educational Award

Dragon Drop Stories January 12, 2023

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We are proud and happy to congratulate TCIS Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr. Youngil Chu, for his honor by the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education (DMOE.) Mr. Chu was a recipient of the 33rd Hanbat Educational Award (한밭교육대상)

The honor was bestowed in a ceremony at the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education (DMOE) on December 30, 2022. This is an annual event, with six categories of award given to educators and those who have made considerable contributions to education.

Mr. Chu received the Hanbat Educational Award in recognition of his lifelong support of education. The award cited his many contributions to the TCIS organization, efforts toward furthering the internationalization of Daejeon education, and multiple partnerships with Daejeon City for the advancement of education in Daejeon.

DMOE Superintendent, Mr.Dong-ho Seol, personally congratulated Mr. Chu on this prestigious award and expressed gratitude for his many efforts toward the development of education in Daejeon.

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We appreciate Mr. Chu very much for his quiet strength and steadfast support. The work and sacrifice of our entire BOT, in good times and difficult, have played a pivotal role in TCIS becoming the school it is today. We thank you, All.

And we offer this special congratulations to Mr Youngil Chu, for this special honor and recognition.

Read the announcement and interview with Mr. Chu, here:
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