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The Christmas Season is Here

Dragon Drop Stories November 21, 2022

Blurred foreground of a decorated Christmas tree with the TCIS History Wall Memorial in focus behind



Here we are on the first day of December! The weather has finally gotten a bit chillier, and the decorations are going up in the school common areas – it is starting to feel like Christmas!

What a joyous season!

We have only two more weeks in the first semester (how can that be?), and there are still some major things coming up before we break for Winter Holiday.

  • The annual Christmas Bazaar
  • The MS/HS Instrumental Concert
  • The Secondary Choir Concert
  • The Elementary Winter Arts Festival (Concert and Visual Arts Exhibition)
  • The Elementary Coal Delivery service trip (for students and families)
  • The Secondary School Angel Tree service program
  • ...and more.

Of course, Finals Week will happen in the High School in the days leading up to the Winter break. High school students will also have some respite during the traditional (and colorfully-named) "Dead Week," when most activities will pause to allow for more focused revision.

We hope everyone is feeling the spirit of joy and hope on campus today, and we wish everyone the very best these next couple of busy weeks. May you find peace, balance, and support in your endeavors.

If you need anything, be sure to reach out to those around you. Let's go, TCIS!

The TCIS reception desk beautifully decorated with Christmas greenery and holiday figures
Christmas song sheet music sits on the piano stand for anyone who wants to sit in the atrium and play
Holiday angel figures in the foreground on a piano with a blurred display reading %22JOY%22 in the back




A large decorated Christmas tree made of books stands in the Elementary Library
A Christmas display, looking like the Grinch, has been made of Dr. Seuss books in the elementary library
A large Christmas tree made of High School text books stands centrally in the Secondary Library
A decorated Christmas tree with wrapped gifts stands at the entrance to the Elementary hallway
A large Christmas tree with wrapped presents stands by the windows in the TCIS school atrium
A pretty holiday wreath hangs on the door of the Elementary Office