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 Class of 2023 Graduation

Dragon Drop Stories  May 25, 2023

TCIS graduates line up just off stage to receive their diplomas as their names are called

It is official – the TCIS Senior Class of 2023 is now the Alumni Class of 2023!

In a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the TCIS Field, 48 senior graduates were announced to the community as duly qualified to receive the certification and award of their high school diplomas.

It was a community, as five salutatorians and our valedictorian shared inspirational words and memories with their class, as did our Commencement Speaker, Ms. April Ward, and our Head of School, Mr. Michael Moimoi. The ceremony also saw video congratulations from our BOT Chairman, Mr. Young Kil Chu, and local Congressman, Mr. Seonglae Jo.

The presentation of diploma certificates began as the sun was setting on our Techno Valley campus, and it truly seemed a magical time.

Of course, the most fun and exciting time happened immediately after the ceremony, when proud families and teachers surrounded the recent graduates, bestowing flowers, handshakes, hugs, and happy tears. 

Congratulations to the Alumni Class of 2023. You are now in a different category of the TCIS Legacy but remain, now and forever, part of the family. 

Let's say it one more time before you go: GO DRAGON CLASS OF 2023!