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Elementary After-school Programs - BOOST

Dragon Drop Stories September 7, 2022

BOOST Program Logo Graphic - illustration of two children blasting off on a rocket toward space

As you may know, TCIS prides itself on delivering a holistic educational experience with educational best practices and opportunities for students to engage in meaningful co-curricular activities. In Elementary School, we call our after-school program "BOOST."

The TCIS BOOST program gives students a variety of opportunities with specific goals. First, students go beyond grade-specific groups and interact with a wider range of students and teachers from the elementary. Options span physical, cultural, academic, arts, and special interest activities. Delivered with different activities daily, and in a trimester format, students can try lots of things.

Across the entire program, BOOST holds to the TCIS mission to cultivate internationally-minded learners who lead in purposeful change. Activities happen in English, social connections are intentional, kindness is important, and character is built. We believe that fun and play-based learning are so important for our youngest learners, and these simple, fun activities go a long way toward encouraging holistic learners.

We had the opportunity to experience this BOOST activity called "Master Chef." The club teaches an introduction to cooking fundamentals for things like reading recipes, making measurements, basic processes, common equipment, and safe practices.

Students had so much fun in this first session, and yummy treats were shared by all!

A boy adds ice to a blender full of fruit and yogurt in the school kitchen
A woman wearing an apron gives portions of fruit to young students in the school Tech Kitchen
Two girls wearing aprons measure and add fruit to a large metal bowl
Two boys add yogurt to a measuring cup in the school's Tech Kitchen
A group of girls add fruit and yogurt to a blender in the school's Tech Kitchen
Two girls in aprons sit posing for a photo in the school's Tech Kitchen
Two girls wearing aprons stand posing for the camera in the school Tech Kitchen