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Elementary Chuseok Celebration

Dragon Drop Stories September 8, 2022

Today in our elementary school, we celebrated the upcoming Korean Chuseok holiday.

This is a much-anticipated event amongst our elementary students. Involving singing, dancing, games, treats, crafts, performances, and stories, this celebration is fun for students and faculty alike.

It was great to see our foreign faculty, Korean staff, parents, and all the many children in our elementary school laughing, playing, learning, and sharing.

We would especially like to thank the many parents who joined us on campus today for the festivities. It was wonderful to have you with us and see you enjoying time with the children!

As an international school in Korea, it is important that we teach children about the richness of this country that hosts us so graciously. Our foreign students love the opportunity to learn about this great culture.

Many of our students have strong connections to Korea. Rather than teaching these children to be more foreign, we would rather these children be strong in their culture, with the tools and experiences to represent the best of Korea to the rest of the world. That is the best of international education.

TCIS is now on break for the Chuseok holiday, and we look forward to having everyone back together on Tuesday, September 13.

Have a restful break, All!