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 Elementary PYP Exhibition

Dragon Drop Stories  May 3, 2023

Two elementary boys introduce an original arrangement created by musicians in the TCIS Grade 5 class

Last week, TCIS Grade 5 Students finalized and presented their PYP summative projects at the annual PYP Exhibition.

~ And WOW, were they fantastic! ~

As a final display of learning in the IB PYP, TCIS students engage in a months-long project of research, survey, writing, and creative design, which culminates in the public presentation to parents, faculty, and to their peers. It is a well-structured and supported process showing a vast collection of skills learned throughout elementary learning.

Projects this year were very much science and politics-focused, showing great thought and presentation. It is always amazing to see the products that these young scholars create, the teamwork, the commitment, and the pride as they share their work with the community.

The evening began with opening performances from the Grade 5 class, welcoming parents to the event. All students and guests then moved to the event hall for the exhibits and presentations.

It was a great evening, and we say well done to our Grade 5 Students on their hard work – done very well! We believe that these learners are ready and well-equipped for Grade 6.