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ES Dragon Arts Festival

Dragon Drop Stories  June 2, 2023

As we stand on this side of the weekend, looking across at the last week of the school year for 2022-2023, we see final exams and summative projects underway for our middle and high school students. 

Our elementary school community is finishing their year with many fun activities and sharing the fruits of their learning in creative ways. One such way was the ES Dragons Arts Festival.

This evening event for parents and faculty was an opportunity for students in Grades K-4 to showcase their learning in musical and visual arts. The evening started with vocal and instrumental performances. Visitors then moved to the gallery area to view the various media projects – showcasing student work from this second semester.

Grade 5 played a very special role in the ES Dragon Arts Festival. Much of Grade 5 arts was on display for the recent PYP Exhibition, so for this event, they took on tasks of organization and support. Grade 5 students emceed the event, created media, and operated technology for the evening. Following the formal performance program, some students also performed instrumental music in the gallery..

We would like to say "Well done!" to all of our creative elementary students for the beauty you shared with us this week!