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Fall Play 2022

Dragon Drop Stories October 28, 2022

A girl wearing feathered wings and headdress runs in a circle on stage during a school theatre performance


Attention TCIS Community and Friends – Tonight begins the public presentation of the TCIS Fall Play, titled "Around the World in 8 Plays". It is a fantastically-entertaining show – funny and full of world culture as this group of traveling storytellers share old tales from around the world... with a few twists.

Students and staff have worked hard these past weeks, and tonight marks the official opening. We invite everyone to join us on Friday or Saturday night at 7:00 pm in the TCIS Performing Arts Center. Tickets are W5,000 and will be sold at the door.

A high school actor on stage looks intently at a constructed monster during a theatre performance

We love to see students join these productions, as they are great opportunities for students to learn and practice drama craft. 

There are real benefits to practicing theatre, which aren't limited to aspiring actors/actresses – it is all about comprehensive communication. Students practice storytelling, visual communication, body language, planning and critical thinking, design and fabrication, and practical technical support. They have experiences to make them better, more confident communicators - which benefits anyone. 

We have always been blessed to have tremendously creative teachers who take students through a comprehensive learning process and have both the experience and confidence to walk alongside students, empowering them to have significant roles in all parts of a production. Students come away from these drama productions with a wealth of memories and communication skills that can be learned in few other places.

"Break a leg," to all of our drama students – cast and crew!

A high school boy and girl stand talking on stage during a theater performance
Three brightly dressed girls stand on stage during a school performance, while a masked monster (actor) sneaks up behind them
A girl wearing feathered wings and headdress runs in a circle on stage during a school drama performance
Three girls give each other thumbs up on stage during a school play
Two girls stand facing each other in colorful %22gypsy%22 style costumes in a school drama performance
Two high school girls  in costumes hold hands during a scene in a school play
A boy wearing colorful vest and woven sun hat holds a bow while delivering lines in a school play
Tools and materials sit on a table next to a large red centipede construction in a school backstage fabrication workshop
Four girls control a constructed centipede during a school theater performance of an old Japanese story
Two girls sitting and standing on stage wearing bright %22gypsy-style%22 clothing during a school theatre performance
Girl dressed in a scarlet skirt and cape stands with hand over heart on stage at a school drama
An older boy in a vest approaches a younger girl with a teddy bear on stage during a school play performance
A high school boy and girl stand on stage taking turns narrating a scene in a school drama performance
Three high school actors stand on stage with the spotlight on one of the boys during a performance
Two middle school girls sit on a bench in the set of a school stage play
A girl wearing brightly colored clothing and a boy wearing a large blonde wig and feathered boas act a funny scene in a play