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Fall Registration Day

Dragon Drop Stories August 10, 2022

A group of TCIS teaching faculty and support staff stand in lines for a group photo on the soccer field

On behalf of all the faculty, administration, support staff, offices, and caretakers here at TCIS, we welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year.

Registration has been ongoing these past couple of days, and tomorrow morning starts the first day of classes.

This year marks 64 consecutive years of education in our school. And while you might think that this is all "old hat" for us, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is likely that we just see things in a special way.

  • We see each day as full of opportunity.
  • We see each child as a unique person.
  • We see a need for caring role models.
  • We see ideas of value that need investment in the world.
  • We see abundant hope in the world today.
  • We see a part to play in building a better tomorrow.

If you see things as we do, then you will also see this year as full of exciting possibilities.

People do great things every day, and there are many ways that people engage in good and meaningful work. As educators, we are humbled and uplifted by the opportunity we have for a positive impact on the world.

We welcome all of our students, families, and TCIS team members to this special community, and to a legacy of excellence. We also welcome our friends and well-wishers all around the world – thank you for your partnership as we start another year.

As we start, we ask you all for your continued prayer and support. We are encouraged by the potential for this year, and we look forward to doing this all together. God bless

A high school boy sits with a photographer for a formal school portrait
Students and parents look at a TCIS school shirt during registration
A line of students and parents fill in documents at the Fall registration for school opening
A boy and his father sit and register information at an iMac computer