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Grade 3 - Design Tech Project

Dragon Drop Stories November 7, 2022

Grade 3 students have been working on a special Design Technology project. Applying lessons learned in geometry and measurement units, students joined middle and high school faculty in the Secondary Design Tech Workshop for an introduction three-dimensional design.

As part of the introduction, students received an introduction to planning, measurement, sketching, and joining (with Secondary Design teachers working the more complex tools.) This was a multi-day project with many opportunities for evaluation and modification, and the end goal was a pencil box. While it is a simple project, it is a HUGE step for spatial development and learning design processes.

And do you know what? Students came out of this project with very well-made pencil boxes for their desks! (Seriously – they really have created a solid product - all that's left is to decorate them!)

It was a good experience, and we are so proud of these young engineers!

A classroom of elementary students in a wood shop gluing and assembling wooden boxes

TCIS has historically had a strong science curriculum and focus. We continue to develop STEM programs to cultivate internationally-minded learners with the skills needed to excel in design, technology, and engineering. We deliberately teach and reinforce this in many ways – at all ages.

Design processes and technology tools are a part of nearly everything students engage in at TCIS, and are a structure that permeates and connects all subject areas of our school. This ethos creates competent students capable of evaluating, researching, planning, implementing, reflecting, and modifying their work. This serves students well for application in engineering and sciences, but is also a flexible skill set that helps to make students future ready.