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~ Gr3 STEAM Unit ~ 
Invention Center Trip

Dragon Drop Stories  May 30, 2023

As a finishing element for the Grade 3 STEAM Unit on Inventions (see yesterday's post,) this class of young inventors visited the National Invention Human Resource Center and the National Science Museum here in Daejeon.

The Invention Center in Daejeon is a child-friendly museum dedicated to helping children understand how innovation and invention work. Students started in the activity room, where they learned about the invention process (they were excited to see that it was the same process they followed when creating their own inventions.) One of the ladies at the center took the Grade 3 students through a process of innovating a randomly selected object – the keyboard. Students had a great time discussing, sketching, and then building a representative model of their ideas. 

After their projects were complete, center workers took the group on a tour of the hands-on museum, talking about the stories and functions of everyday things that were once revolutionary inventions. The most fun happened when students explored and engaged with the tech-based lessons and experiences on display.

In the afternoon, the Grade 3 class moved to the National Museum of Science, exploring a two-century journey of invention and the many wonders of modern technology that is growing and moving today.

This was an exciting trip for our young inventors and so impactful as a final activity for their own journey as innovative creators – such a great time!