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Grade 7 CO2 Rocket Cars

Dragon Drop Stories April 19, 2023

Grade 7 students at TCIS recently completed an interdisciplinary unit between Science and Design, with the creation of CO2 Racing Cars.

TCIS Design Tech teacher, Mr. Jon Hayhoe, created the following short video as a fun recap of the unit as his students reflect on the racing event; we thought it was a great visual for sharing with the community.

This was such a great unit! As students learned about the physics of forces and motion, they were also learning 3d modeling and printing. Students worked on both aspects in one project-based unit, testing their ideas and displaying their creativity with the fabrication of their own race cars powered by CO2 cartridges.

Some tests went well, and others went "not as planned," but it was a great learning experience, and students got to make adjustments to their designs in the reflection process.

Well done, students, and to our Middle School Science and Design Departments!

TCIS is a strongly STEM+Arts-focused school. We believe that STEM studies and Arts are foundational to make children future-ready – having the skills to engage in a wide range of technical careers, the creativity to innovate in their fields, and the holistic competency to take leadership roles within any industry.