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Grade 8 - African Cooking

Dragon Drop Stories November 4, 2022

TCIS students recently engaged in a fun and meaningful activity in their Grade 8 Humanities. As part of a comprehensive unit on African studies, students cooked dishes common to areas of Africa (Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, and Central Africa.)

In addition to learning things like geography, history, and politics, culture is a big part of the unit - and everyday culture is a reflection of many things. This activity began with research and called on students to consider agriculture, economics, and geography. With a primary focus on culture, it also became a design project as students had to evaluate and plan for materials and processes.

TCIS strives to cultivate internationally-minded learners who lead in purposeful change. It is activities like this that make children take responsibility for their learning. Students choose directions for their study, they reinforce their classroom understanding as they work through practical projects, they practice the planning and implementation of processes, and they make real connections to other areas (and other people) in this wide world.

Well done to Grade 8 Humanities on a fun and meaningful project on cultural understanding! (And, incidentally, while it wasn't the focus of this post – That room smelled AMAZING! 😁)