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High School Art: Studio Work

Dragon Drop Stories November 21, 2022

Hands hold out two pottery sculptures created by a TCIS Grade 12 student



A blonde, curly-haired high school boy kneads clay on a table in the Grade 12 Art Studio at TCIS

It has been a while since we've made it up to the 5th floor Visual Arts Complex to see what is being worked on by our high school artists.

Our grade 12 students are working on adding and refining substantial portfolio pieces as we approach the mid-year mark. It is a busy time for DP artists and those students applying to art and design universities in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Grade 11 students are adding to their portfolios as well, though their efforts right now are also on process journals for IB. A trademark of IB visual arts study is the Process Portfolio (which universities love to see.) The Process Portfolio allows student artists to express themselves as visual creatives, rather than a static body of work. They get to share about the inspiration, research, processes, successes, and failures that led to the creations in their portfolio.

In Grades 9-10, students are learning and experimenting with materials, and techniques. There is a large body of varied works produced by the grades 9 & 10 art students as they are led through trying new things and incorporating them into their own unique sense of self-expression. This hands-on experimentation will continue as self-guided as they begin their advanced studio work in Grades 11 and 12.


At TCIS, we love the arts as its own discipline but also for the way that it elevates all learning in the school. Arts education is a big part of how we cultivate internationally-minded learners who are creative, balanced, adaptable, and future-ready!

[It is always so interesting to walk around the Grades 11 and 12 art studios to see projects in the various stages of creation.]

A blonde-haired student with headphones trowels cement onto a backboard as she works on a Senior Art piece at TCIS
A photo of a senior student's desk with a neatly arranged collection of smaller paintings and sketching materials
A colorful overhead photo of a tray and collection of oil paint tubes




Two Grade 12 girls working on their individual paintings in the TCIS Senior Art Studio
A dark-haired girl with EarPods hunches over her desk as she paints in the TCIS Senior Art Studio
A blonde, curly-haired high school boy creates pottery on a wheel in the Grade 12 Art Studio at TCIS
A large partially-painted canvas and layered news cutouts sitting in the TCIS Senior Art Studio as a work-in-progress piice
Two dress creations on display mannequins in the TCIS Senior Art Studio
A mixed-media 3d Senior Art piece with fabrics, paint, and layered objects suspended on a rectangular frame
A high school girl paints at an easel in the Grade 12 Senior Art Studio at TCIS
A Grade 12 girl makes notes in her sketchbook about her preparation process in her TCIS DP Art class
Grade 12 art sculpture of tiny wooden structures in a clear epoxy wedge
A work in process shows initial sketches and the beginnings of a painted project on canvas, with reference photos taped
An edited photo of a crowd with written messages on signs, prepared to be cutout and added to a 2d art piece
An art teacher and two female high school students discuss their work in the Grade 11 Art Studio
High school students and art teacher in a classroom working on a project.
A partially-assembled dress design displayed on a mannequin in the Grade 12 Senior Art Studio
Grade 12 art sculpture of tiny wooden structures in a clear epoxy wedge