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High School Clubs Fair

Dragon Drop Stories September 2, 2022

The TCIS academic programs represent solid learning and are the foundation of education for students. However, a substantial part of the overall educational experience comes from the additional opportunities provided outside of the classroom, as students exercise their learning and character in clubs, activities, arts, and athletics.

Here at the beginning of the school year, the TCIS activities program is sponsoring the High School Clubs Fair. This two-day event is an opportunity for students to see what is on offer this year and get information about what involvement looks like for each group. Student leaders present club goals and proposed activities, and students have a face-to-face opportunity to ask questions and make connections. It is a fantastic event for students!

The TCIS activities program presents students with a wide variety of options for engaging in those things they are passionate about. Service clubs, specialty academic clubs, art and design, music, international group affiliations, and many special interest clubs are all represented.

Two high school students sit at a table presenting to students interested in joining the TCIS "BioMed" club
High school students stand around a table in the gymnasium to get information about the "GIVE" service club
Three high school girls pose for a photo at the "TCIS Athletics Council" club presentation table for the clubs fair
A high school girl registers at a table with two other girls, to join the TCIS UNICEF club

Perhaps the best thing is that these clubs are for students, by students. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, students propose clubs based on their interests. Older students guide the younger as they organize meetings and projects. The younger students engage in fun and meaningful activities and go on to lead the next generation of student clubs.

Club involvement is a central part of the TCIS experience and the social community for students. The HS Club Fair is happening directly after lunch in the Activity Center. We hope you all had a chance to connect yesterday, and we trust you will stop by again today to see what else is on offer.

Many high school students walk table to table in the gymnasium to learn about club involvement options for the year
Two girls discuss info on a computer screen at a table with a large wooden cross, representing a Christian-faith club
Two high school girls approach a girl at a table to ask about the club she is presenting in the school gymnasium
A high school boy poses for a photo at the"3d Printing Club" table, presenting with a CAD design and a 3d Printer
A group of students stand around a table focused on a laptop,  discussing involvement in a high school club
A high school boy asks a question of the students at the "KAIST Outreach [service] Club" table
Two high school girls engage another girl at the "Ampersand Design and Literature Club" presentation table
Students look at a laptop as they help a girl to register at their club table at the club fair in the gymnasium
A boy sits at a table representing the Compassion International club, with the organization logo and information on display
A high school girl speaks with other students at a table in the TCIS gymnasium, about joining the TCIS TEDx Youth club
Students gather around a table in the gymnasium to discuss the "Blood Donation" club, which sponsors blood drives at TCIS