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KULSAI Yearbook 2022-2023

Dragon Drop Stories  May 23, 2023

Yesterday afternoon was a big day for many end-of-the-year events and traditions, not least among them being the release of this years KULSAI yearbook!

This is always such an exciting day for all students, K-12. A record of the achievements, friendships, and memories made, the 2022-2023 yearbook is a treasure to be valued for a lifetime. While it represents some things that are bitter, as some in our community move on and go beyond these walls, it also stands as a sweet reminder of fantastic times and a testament to where they came from.

In 1900, Pyeongyang Foreign School [PFS] was opened to serve missions and other foreign families living in Northeast Asia. It was forced to close down due to military mobilization in Korea. After the Korean War, missions groups reopened a school in Daejeon with the same focus on international education with a Christian Worldview.

They were some of the same PFS faculty, alumni, and missionaries who came to reopen that school in Daejeon, bringing with them many traditions from PFS. That was in 1958, and many of those traditions continue today – one of which is the KULSAI yearbook!

Started in 1900 and still publishing in 2023 – that is some history, TCIS!