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 LASA Service Trips - Boracay

Dragon Drop Stories  April 10, 2023

During the recent Spring Break, TCIS sent three international teams of Middle and High School students to serve in locations around Asia. These trips are the resumption of a long history of such service experiences, and we are so happy to visit with some long-time partners in service.

Today, we would like to highlight the first of these three teams – those who traveled to Boracay, Philippines. 

TCIS partners with a local church group, joining their programs to serve villages and indigenous groups on Boracay. Students engaged in educational programming – sharing songs, crafts, and games with local children. They also helped in various projects for construction, maintenance, and cleanup. There were also opportunities for sports outreach with the church and food distribution in the local community.

Boracay is famously known for the beautiful beaches and resort areas that line those beaches, but like many such places, much of the island lives in poverty with real needs. 

This Boracay trip is eye-opening for students as they learn about people and some of the conditions that create needs in a community. Like all of our trips, the focus is on connecting with people – connecting with and sharing the beautiful things we all have with one another – and also learning a variety of ways to meet the needs of these people we connect with.