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Secondary SEW - Day One

Dragon Drop Stories September 13, 2022

A powerpoint image reading %22SEW 2022 - Go Shine Your Light%22 is on the projector screen above an empty stage
Looking over the heads of a crowd toward the stage where a high school band performs
The high school praise team vocalists stand in a line on stage during a performance

Today starts SEW 2022 for secondary school students at TCIS.

SEW (Spiritual Emphasis Week) is a three-day event whereby students and staff take time away from the formal classroom setting and focus on spiritual and community matters.

This first day was full of fun, games, music, and meaningful discussions.

The TCIS community is a special one. We believe in holistic education and view each student as a complex individual. As a Christian community school, we approach holistic learning through the lens of a Christian Worldview. It also provides opportunities for leadership, as students take on roles to share their personal faith.

SEW is a big school event in the opening weeks of the school year and is a great chance for all students to connect with peers and teachers. Happening in both large and small group formats, SEW is a fun way to develop relationships in homerooms, grade groups, and across grades.

This is another tradition in the TCIS community, and a really fun one at that. Tomorrow will continue the fun and sharing with more music, discussion, and the annual Field Day event, sponsored by the Student Council! Get ready!

A powerpoint slide describing the event at hand is projected on the screen above an empty stage
An elevated shot of a large crowd of secondary school students and teachers circled on the TCIS soccer field
An auditorium full of secondary school students sit focused on a speaker who is talking on stage (speaker not shown)
A speaker draws attention to a stage display while the audience watches from the auditorium seating
The high school praise team vocalists stand in a line on stage with their heads bowed while one prays
Looking over the shoulder of the sound technician toward the stage where a high school band performs on stage
A speaker crouches on the edge of the stage talking with two students in the front row
A backstage shot of a high school band performing in front of a crowd in a full auditorium