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 TCIS Library Week

Dragon Drop Stories  April 4, 2023

Both division libraries (elementary and secondary) hosted fun events to create excitement around reading – contests, drawings & giveaways, games, prizes, and reading challenges. Our elementary school library also sponsored a "book swap" amongst students and an afternoon of fun literacy events to close the week on Friday.

The TCIS puts a lot of emphasis on literacy in our programs. In elementary, we create a community culture of excitement and enjoyment that promotes a "love of reading," which leads to better proficiency and life-long enjoyment. In secondary school, we continue to encourage that "love of reading," and we also invest in analytical reading across our programs to create future-ready learners.

Enjoy these photos of Library Week from elementary. All the Libarary Week events were fun, but how excited were our youngest students?! These sorts of events are such a big part of our elementary school!


























A boy and girl sit puzzling over a fun contest question written on a piece of paper