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At Ansan Global Youth Center

Dragon Drop Stories October 24, 2022

Three high school students focus on another student speaking, while other students sit working in class behind them



TCIS recently sent student representatives to visit friends at the Ansan Global Youth Center.

As a school, we have met several times over the last couple of years, both virtually and face-to-face. This October, STUCO representative members had the opportunity to visit the center to participate in the launch of their Global Shop (a secondhand store run by a team of refugees).

The Ansan Global Youth Center is an institution within the Ansan Migrant Community Service Center supporting children (ages 8-20) from migrant families and has been operating since 2009. The organization is supported by government funding and donations, benefitting more than a thousand children from over 40 nationalities.

It is of special interest for TCIS students to meet and talk with students at the youth center – to hear the stories, learn about the challenges faced, and see the work being done to support migrant families here in Korea.

TCIS STUCO teams have also started laying plans for future events whereby both groups can strengthen our relationship.

The Ansan Global Youth Center name and logo as depicted on a wall sign
TCIS students listen as youth center workers describe the sharing of African and other culture amongst children at the center
TCIS visiting students and teachers stand watching at the back of a classroom during a school visit
A teacher stands at the front of a classroom while students focus their attention on her
High school students stand networking and sharing contact info amongst them
Students and teachers pose outdoors in front of a monument celebrating global culture