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By collaborating with progressive institutions, TCIS envisions the creation of educational activities, promoting mutual academic interests and supporting understanding of the challenges students face in a complex and increasingly interdependent world. TCIS partnerships offer benefits to students across the educational spectrum. For our students, the benefits often include educational opportunities unique to the programs that the partnership offers. Our partnerships bring real opportunities for students, and they include the following:


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) - KAIST is one of the top-ranked universities in the world, ranked No. 1 in Korea for Science and Technology and ranked No. 13 globally. Through its partnership with KAIST, TCIS conducts annual Science Camps geared toward IB MYP students to enhance student interest in Science and Technology.


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Institute of Basic Science (IBS) - IBS is a prominent research institute in Korea pursuing excellence in basic science research. Through this partnership, students can explore various opportunities in basic science education.

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Korean National University of Education (KNUE) - KNUE is the top university for education in Korea. In this partnership, both parties collaborate and cooperate to promote best educational practices in Korean educational systems as well as sharing international educational experiences.

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SAM Medical Center (SAM) - SAM provides opportunities for TCIS students who intend to pursue a career in medicine; including programs to shadow medical experts in the hospital setting during school breaks.

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Africa Future Foundation (AFF) - AFF is non-profit organization dedicated to helping feed, educate and provide medical care to children in Africa. TCIS and the AFF share the foundational priority of service toward people in need, all around the world.

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International Youth Exchange Association (IYEA) - IYEA is a nonprofit youth association under the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in Korea. IYEA creates networks among youth associations and facilities and builds relationships with youth and leaders around the world. Through this partnership, TCIS students contribute to society by serving those in need and connecting with youth groups from different parts of the world, as well as gaining different cultural experiences.



Jacqueline Shan Profile Picture
Dr. Jacqueline Shan

Dr. Jacqueline Shan

Pharmacologist, pioneer in naturally-derived medicine, co-creator of COLD-FX

TCIS is honored and pleased to partner with Dr. Jacqueline Shan as spokesperson to promote education; connecting Chinese students and all children to the quality learning happening at TCIS.

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