Taejon Christian International School

Dr. Jacqueline Shan Partnership


TCIS has begun working with Dr. Jacqueline Shan in efforts to promote education. As a Chinese-Canadian scientist and businessperson, Dr. Shan has a unique perspective on the kind of education that we deliver at our school.  She is also a big advocate for research and critical thinking, speaking to students and young professionals toward the ends of furthering of scientific understanding and good practice in the leaders of tomorrow. We have found Dr. Shan to be a very intelligent and passionate person, bringing many valuable ideas and connections to our school leadership and professional community.

Dr. Shan also has some special insights into the needs and expectations of Chinese parents who are looking to fill the needs for their children's education. TCIS currently serves a number of families from China and connections to China, and those families have encouraged us to reach out this further group to share the rich opportunities offered in our community, siting the connection between the quality of our programs and the interest that Chinese families have for quality international education that will set their children apart and offer advantage in the growing Chinese economy and in all the world.

Dr. Shan graciously allowed us to film her first impressions and make a presentation. You can view that video presentation below.