Taejon Christian International School

Parent Teacher Association

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Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The TCIS PTA is a voluntary association of parents and faculty who work together to support the educational & co-curricular programs at TCIS. Our goal is to promote community and unity among staff, parents, and students, and to enhance the learning environment through volunteer support.

All TCIS parents, faculty and staff are encouraged to join the PTA.

PTA Structure & Officers

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PTA Activities

The PTA organizes service projects & donates funds to improve the school facilities and support student programs. Examples of PTA activities include the following:

  • Christmas Bazaar
  • International Festival
  • Career Day
  • Student Co-Curricular Support - Food & Homestays
  • Spirit Store
  • Student Art Calendar
  • Learning Commons Enhancement
  • 119 Parent Information Sessions
  • Teacher Appreciation Snacks

PTA Meetings

Executive Meetings
PTA Officers, Grade Representatives, and Committee Chairs meet monthly to plan for upcoming events and to approve PTA expenditures. Executive Meetings are open to all PTA members.

Grade Level Meetings
Grade Representatives organize monthly parent meetings by grade to share information from PTA Executive Meetings, and they gather parent questions & feedback.

119 Workshops
These are monthly parent information sessions led by TCIS faculty members. The workshops are designed to help parents understand TCIS programs, policies and practices. Topics include communication platforms, academic updates, special assessments, clubs & activities, upcoming community events, and others.

Parent Volunteers

TCIS Parents are active volunteers in many ways within the school:

  • TCIS Spirit Store
  • Learning Commons (Library)
  • Elementary classrooms
  • Clubs
  • After-School activities
  • Teaching Korean to TCIS teachers

Parent Representatives

Parent reps serve on various school committees and represent the parent community in the following areas:

  • Head of School Advisory Committee (HAC)
  • Board of Trustees Academic Subcommittee
  • Cafeteria Food Committee
  • Crisis Management Team

Parent volunteers are important to the success of students at TCIS. You are welcome and encouraged to get involved in your child’s education at TCIS by working with the PTA.