Taejon Christian International School

Student Camps

TCIS often partners with other institutions to offer various seasonal camps on our Technovalley campus. While these are not directly related to our curriculum, they do meet with our overall mission to promote learning in our students and in children everywhere. Take a look to see what camps are coming up!

Winter Science Camp Graphic

Winter Science Camp | TCIS & KAIST Campus | January 2-5, 2019

Join us as we present this four-day camp on robotics. This advanced robotics camp is a STEM based curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.)

Guest professor and former TCIS faculty, Mr. Lawrence Kok, together with advanced KAIST lab students, will present campers with a challenging and fun time learning about robotics. Students will make a series of robots, learning about the hardware structures and methods for programming. All the while students will make meaningful connections with professors and other students.

This camp is for any students in grades 8-11.

Why attend the Winter Science Camp?

  • Learn about the IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Exercise robotic control using WIFI, bluetooth and voice recognition
  • Design simple electronic circuits for robotic motion
  • Learn to write simple codes/programming for robotics
  • Using Arduino, learn to incorporate IR sensors, motion detectors and touch sensors into robotic motion
  • Spend a day in KAIST with KAIST students to explore different projects
  • Explore dorm life and enjoy many activities
  • Create memories to last a lifetime!

*Contact Ms. Kate Oh for info and to register ohk@tcis.or.kr