Taejon Christian International School

Support Services

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Essential Services

Food Service
Dorm students enjoy a full meal plan each weekday as well as a modified weekend meal-plan to accommodate various weekend activities and schedules. Students are also provided with an evening snack plan on weeknights that may include snacks from the cafeteria, the community and sometimes include homemade treats from the dorm staff themselves.

Health Services
There are two fully qualified nurses that serve the boarding students throughout the weekdays. A day nurse is available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm while a boarding nurse resides from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. They are available to administer student medications and care for the immediate medical needs of each student. The boarding nurse is available to keep students in the infirmary when they are sick or to accompany students to local clinics and hospitals for acute illnesses and injuries.

Campus Services Accessibility
Dorm students experience all of the conveniences of living on campus with all of the access that it provides. They have opportunities to access supervised fitness center and gym times. Students can enjoy field times for practicing sports or just a leisurely game with friends. They also have the opportunity to access the school facility when supervised and can stay after school to meet with teachers when needed.

The campus is patrolled by 24-hour security personnel and digital surveillance systems on the grounds and in the dormitories for student safety. More importantly, the dorm staff lives on the premise and are present and available to care for the children's well-being.

Academic Support

Study Hall and Quiet Hours
The boarding program supports the academic rigor of the student by monitoring a structured study hall each evening (two hours for students in grades 6-8 / two and a half hours for students in grades 9-12.) Students may choose to meet with tutors, access the library, or engage in personal study in the community quiet areas of the dorm or in their own rooms. Extended quiet times can also be arranged for those who feel they need more time to complete their work.

Subject Study Halls
Boarding students enjoy the opportunity to attend subject specific study halls throughout the week to allow them to receive special assistance. Certified teachers and professionals in each subject field are available to provide boarding students with access to school facilities and equipment after hours.

Connection with NHS Tutoring
Students can access one-to-one tutoring through a peer-tutoring program. Members of the TCIS National Honors Society members make themselves available to assist fellow students through various subject areas. This builds strong camaraderie among students as well as a sharing of knowledge. Boarding students have the privilege of accessing assistance from fellow boarding students in the evening hours if they wish.

Academic Assistance
The boarding program values consistent and current feedback from teachers about your child’s academic progress. Weekly communication with teachers allows them to identify students who would benefit from extra assistance that week. Dorm staff will facilitate a special study hall for these students or arrange a meeting time with teachers so that dorm students can receive assistance directly with the teacher themselves.

High-speed Internet & Printing
Each dorm is equipped with high-speed Internet services to efficiently handle the students' needs and access. In addition, each dorm room is individually wired for landline access according to the student needs after hours. A printing room is accessible in the dorm facility for student convenience.

Travel Support

Weekend Buses to Seoul
A direct bus service from TCIS to Seoul is available each weekend for your child’s comfort and convenience for travel to and from Seoul. Each bus is equipped with Wifi-Internet access.
(*There must be a minimum of 10 students requesting this service on any given weekend for the school to provide it.)

Bus Transport to Daejeon Stations
Weekend transport to various stations in Daejeon is provided for those who choose to travel home using alternative ways. Sunday evening pickup times from the stations are also available for your child’s safe travel and convenience.

Ticket Purchasing Services
The residence program provides assistance to those who choose the convenience of having their tickets pre-purchased for them or would like to secure tickets early for major holidays.