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Privacy Policy

We understand that Internet privacy is important to you, and we want you to be comfortable as you explore our website. This Privacy Policy outlines the information that Taejon Christian International School may collect, how that information may be used, and how we expect users to participate online in our community.

When users access this website, they consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Please note that the policies and practices set forth in this Privacy Policy are for this website only, and that TCIS reserves the right to alter this policy at any time by posting a new privacy policy at this location.

Collection of Information

TCIS does collect a certain amount of information from site users. Information collect falls into the categories of:

  • Personal Information - That information that is private and provided by the user, to the website, for a specific purpose
  • Aggregate Information - This is general information collected to help us understand how our website is being used


Personal Information

TCIS absolutely DOES NOT collect personal information about website users, unless that information is submitted via forms and input boxes on our website. In all cases on our website, the information collected is for a specific and identified purpose, to provide the user with a requested service. TCIS uses such information for the purposes specified and will never share, sell or trade your information with third-parties.

Trusted parties outside of TCIS may occasionally help to service our website or help us to provide specified services to our website users. TCIS is discerning in such matters and will only share information with trusted parties who have also agreed to keep such information safe, secure and confidential.

Note that TCIS may also release personal user information when we believe it is appropriate to do so in compliance with the law, to enforce site policies, or to protect the rights and safety of the school community or others.


Aggregate Information (Collected Automatically)

Aggregate information is collected automatically by visitors to our website. It does not collect sensitive or intimate information, but general data about how user and how they are interacting with our website. Such things that are commonly collected may include date and time of usage, pathways of navigation while on our site, web browser, country location, domain name of the website that linked you to our site, and other such things. This statistical data helps us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our site, and it helps us to provide better service to our users.

This information is also never shared, sold or traded. It is used internally by TCIS and members of it's website management team.

This website may, in some cases,also use “cookies” to customize and facilitate your experience. Cookies do not contain any identifiable personal information. Cookies may also be used for the purpose of tracking page visits and other aggregate site statistics. They enable us to collect information about your use of our site, but the information is not invasive or personal in nature.


Security and Viruses

TCIS and its service providers maintain commercially reasonable safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the Personal Information provided to us on our website. Whenever users submit personal information via online forms, in whatever context, the transmission of that information is encrypted. We also take precautions to protect user information off-line. All user information is restricted to authorized employees.

You should keep in mind that no Internet transmission is ever 100% secure or error-free. Email transitions may not utilize such secure transmission techniques and you should never transmit information you consider highly sensitive via less secure methods. TCIS cannot warrant the security of any information that you submit to us, and you do so at your own risk.

The school does its utmost to maintain a virus-free system; however, we recommend, as a precaution, that users of our Website run an anti-virus program prior to downloading materials from our site. The school cannot be held responsible for any virus which may attack, damage, or cause loss to a user while downloading from our website.



This website is a private website intended for all members of our school community, as well as interested members of the general public to both collaborate and learn more about the school and our community. When users access this website, they agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined. If a user violates any of these policies, his or her user privileges will be denied, and/or appropriate legal action will be taken. TCIS reserves the right to limit, restrict, or terminate the use of the website by any individual person or party with or without notice at any time.

All media (photographs, videos, images and logos) are the property of TCIS and protected by copyright. Any reproduction, redistribution, and/or exploitation of any of these materials are prohibited without prior consent.



Photographs/Video Disclaimer

Photographs and videos of students, staff and visitors to TCIS are taken throughout the year to be used for this website, school publications and other school marketing materials. When referring to a particular student or student work, first name may be attributed to a photo of the student or their work. No further distinguishing information will be shared about the student. Exceptions may be made in certain cases involving secondary school students if the information being publicized is publicly available elsewhere. TCIS has no control over photographs once posted online and parents must understand that images may be copied, sent or posted elsewhere without our knowledge or permission.

Guests to our school community, including athletic teams, speakers, and visiting artists or musicians may be photographed for use in both online marketing materials and printed documents and, when appropriate, may contain identification as a student of a particular school.

Parents who do not want their child photographed or videotaped must submit a written statement to their child's Division Principal.


Social Media

TCIS commits to the considerate and responsible use for material that it shares online, but it cannot be held responsible for material (photos, video, audio, etc.) placed without our knowledge or permission online on personal websites, social media sites or other external media. TCIS encourages all community members to respect the privacy of others and unless specific permission is provided, we DO NOT provide identification of a student on any online posting (photos, video, audio). Everyone in our community is reminded to adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use Policy, and that our expectation is that the use of social media is respectful at all times. TCIS reserves the right to limit, restrict, or terminate user privileges of any individual person or party with or without notice at any time.


Privacy Policy Changes

TCIS reserves the right to alter these policies and guidelines at any time by posting it here at this location. This version is v1.0, effective December 15, 2015.